Amazing Grace

African Skye plays Amazing Grace during the 2020 Lockdown in appreciation of all the frontline workers.

The Angus Friendly - 2020

An internal competition within the African Skye Pipe Band where participants had to submit a creative video for assessment by a panel of adjudicators.

Graham Hide - Best overall performance

Bronwyn Costine - Most entertaining performance

Brandon Holtz - Best technical performance

Hunter Hide - Best original performance

Aeden Southee

Brett Harzon

Caitlin Campbell

Emma Bellingan

Ethan Bellingan

Gareth Watt

Ian Houston

James Howard

Jude Hide

Louis de Kock

Paul Louw

Peter Gibbs

Richard Prall

Rory Bellingan

2008_KES Gathering_ASPB Grade 2 Medley.AVI
2008_KES Gathering_ASPB Grade 2 MSR.AVI

KES Gathering 2008

2008_KES Gathering_ASPB Grade 4 March Selection.AVI
2008_KES Gathering_ASPB Grade 4 MSR.AVI

KES Gathering 2008